I'm Jalmari Ikävalko, a programmer halfway into their 20s. The whereabouts of my physical body is probably in southern Finland.

Ever since I first tried coding as a little kid, I've been more or less hooked. Today, I work as the lead developer in a small 10-person company and occasionally do minor FOSS contributions.

Whilst I am oriented towards practical problem solving and to my shame, admit to a poor academic record, I also like to think about security, language design, software architecture and to teach people new to programming.

With this blog, I am aiming to create a channel into which to pour my thoughts on various technological and technopolitical subjects in a more structured way. Zero quality guarantees, but I hope one day someone might find a snippet of useful information from these ramblings.

So, take this all with a grain of salt and don't be afraid to shoot down my fallacies and mistakes!

Jalmari Ikävalko

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