Good Reads And Listens, Vol I

In this series I present a bunch of cool blog posts, articles, talks and podcasts that I've happened on over the past few months. The criteria is simple; if I can recall the piece when I'm writing this post, it must have been good!

Blog posts & articles:

Talks & podcasts:

  • Inside the mind of a master procrastinator - a classic talk, I've actually seen this years before, but happened to watch it again recently. The takeaway for me is that making up deadlines is a great way to motivate myself!
  • Why Scaling Agile Doesn't Work - another classic, also seen it some years ago but rewatched it recently. A good snippet for any serious would-be project lead or manager.
  • Alpha Males | ContraPoints - I admit, after finding out about ContraPoints, I immediately got a small crush on her and binged on her videos for a week. Then the novelty wore off and she's been downgraded from "most amazing thing ever" to "fairly good". Still, recommended!
  • Viktor Frankl & Man's search for meaning - a snippet from one of Frankl's lecturers. A friend linked to this to me some years ago and something in Frankl's style just speaks so strongly to me. Rewatched this recently and it's as strong as ever.
  • Overwatch | HOW TO NEVER TILT AGAIN - Interview With An Esports Therapist! - even if you don't play Overwatch (and why would you, it has the WORST FUCKING TEAMMATES WHO ALWAYS SUCK), this is still a great video about how to manage your state of mind in competitive team-based games.

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